Machine Learning QA

Machine Learning Operations Release Support

Releasing regular AI Models to production using automation and manual industry standard approaches for QA are critical.
We work closely with your technology teams to produce a suite of tools and processes to support your production releases of your ML Models
  • Monitoring of Deployed Models
  • Supporting New Feature Additions
  • Regular Re-Evaluation of Data Quality
  • Automated, and Manual Test Case Execution
  • Machine learning applications and models require testing practices and results oriented test scenarios to accommodate best outcomes in supporting releases.

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Our team of technologists at Kimbodo are comprised of experienced certified practitioners who are experts in business processes, quality assurance and machine learning technologies.

Unrivalled Levels of Service

We put a lot of time and thought into developing test suites and offering you consulting and on-going service support for your regular release schedules of ML Models to production.
Machine Learning QA Strategy
We will define, design and help execute a test suite and machine learning support release plan that fits your software and IT team's business needs.
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Pluggable QA ML Team
Alongside our experience in building MLOPS test suites and dev release tools that are industry standards and employable by your teams and systems, we also offer our "pluggable" expert team of QA team members to support your efforts.
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ML Test Suites
Creating deployment suites and templates for your software teams is our strategy and approach that will save you time and improve the accuracy and governance of your ML Model releases to production.
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Critical Support for Releases
MLOPs (Machine Learning Operations) and integrating Quality Assurance processes can be your most valuable tool in keeping your live systems up to date, and enabled with the correct data-model outcomes and validations post regular releases.
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