AI Agents
Employing AI Agents augment and empower the human process.
Productivity Tools by Kimbodo empower your company with greater integrated process, dashboards and automation tooling
Kimbodo Desktop is a cross platform software tooling coupled with Kimbodo's web portal. Together these sets of tooling incorporate many industry standard automation and test tooling built to dramatically improve the automation of processes you and your teams employ in day-to-day business operations.
Automation & Testing services by Kimbodo offers Professional QA Tools & Test Suites for Your Business
When building your applications, kimbodo's services team can provide consulting and assets to strengthen your existing QA teams and processes.
Robotic Process Automation
Setting up Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be a daunting task. So much is happening to stay on top of, and taking advantage of all the strategic work systems and portal software you are currently using in your day to day operations.
Kimbodo Desktop
Kimbodo Desktop is cross platform and connected to Kimbodo Web Portal. With Kimbodo Desktop, you can run complex and power automations orchestrated from your local machines. Run attended and un-attended bot services. Build work based workflows and dashboards that streamline your work routines.
Kimbodo Web Portal
Kimbodo Web Portal enables you to gain valuable reports and analytics of your connected services and applications. Create broker and proxy aggregate service endpoints with and without coding hooks. Together with Kimbodo Desktop you are able to orchestrate a 360 suite of popular and custom productivity automations.
Kimbodo Workflow Designer
Designing workflows that define business processes and enable API brokerage connections, all in one place. Kimbodo's Web Portal gives you the controls over data source aggregation for centralize report views.
Kimbodo Synthetics
Selenium's open source and mature libraries of cross language, cross platform automation frameworks enable a wide gammut of testing abilities. Benefits of using Selenium as a core component of QA automation include: Automation abilities across the modern browser list. Google's, Microsoft's, Mozilla's, browsers are all capable to automate. Incorporating
Integrated Browser Technologies
Kimbodo Desktop (KD) allows you to embed web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in your native apps. KD uses Microsoft Edge (Chromium) as the rendering engine to display the website applications inside your desktop experience, a unified application dashboard and more.
Mult-Cloud Architecture Support
Multi-Cloud productivity reporting tools. Kimbodo's tools are built on top of the greatest cloud platforms in the world. Our reporting apis and dashboards give you a one source location to aggregate your entire enterprise view.

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We Offer a Full Range of Automation Tools & Services

Gain Productivity and Time by Having Us Assist With Your Automation Tooling and Process Support

  • Robotic Process Automation
    - process design & scripting
  • Machine Learning QA Solutions
  • Quality Assurance Support
  • AI Forms and Process Bot Agents

Process Improvements & Automation

We have a wide variety of platforms and tools to help you optimize and improve your business processes & workflows
Understand Your Business from Top to Bottom
Develop a blueprint for executing improved workflow and automation tools
Help your company unlock the value of using digital robots
Produce stunning dashboards available on both web and mobile giving your business insights into key business data systems

Having Happy Clients Is What Its All About

Our teams put deep thought and analysis into understanding and preparing innovative automation technologies for your company. We love to build success stories!
Kimbodo's approach to reducing manual labor and data aggregation by using Robots is nothing short of amazing! Truly transformational for our Business. Thanks!
Jonathan Simpson
Finance Director
Jonathan Simpson
Manually keying in information from one system to the next.. Data coming in from email, or stored in websites we use every day. Using RPA has completely eliminated our manual data export and import processes. We are so happy with the power of Kimbodo's approach to automation of workflows and data processes!
Angelina Johnson
Sales Manager
Angelina Johnson
I like the security and data normalization that can be applied to using secured unattended robots for moving data across systems that have limited API functionality.
Gabriel Townsend
Gabriel Townsend