Quality Assurance & Automated Testing


Testing your products, services, and website releases prior to regular production releases can be costly, and many times, may be done manually. Creating Automation Scripts, Unit Tests, UI Bot-tests and alongside manual testing is the answer to reducing errors or wasted time when releasing to production.
  • Quality Assurance Automation
  • Unit Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Web Recording Tests

Professional QA Tools & Test Suites for Your Business

We plug-in and enhance your QA Processes, by creating Test Suites, and Automation Tooling that immediately adds impacts to your QA needs

Testing Tools & Services

Kimbodo Desktop and Quality Assurance Tools help you improve, schedule and deploy your product and service updates across all your major platforms.


QA Team Support

When building your next product or service iteration, website changes or software changes, Kimbodo can provide that "pluggable" team as an extension of your own, to ensure successful and healthy deployments.


Website Replay Recordings

Often times, approaching Quality Assurance using web playback, unit tests, click test-bots, and automated security penetration tests all as a comprehensive suite can seem complicated and hard to achieve. We are experts at helping you strengthen these area.


Security Testing & Penetration Testing

There are hundreds even thousands of possible exploits hackers may employ to compromise your website or software tools your teams or customers use on a day to day basis. Having regular sets of Security Audits, both automated and manual are critical to maintaining the health of your systems that have regular updates being pushed to production.

See How Well Your Sites & Software Systems improve with our QA Tools & Services

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